Isabel, Chelsa, and Taylor celebrated the end of the 7th grade by grabbing some yogurt at My Swirl. While hanging out with the girls, I couldn’t help but think about the friends I had at their age. It was at this age that I made friendships I still have today. In fact, most of my friends […]


My daughter Isabel and her cousin Ava were born two days apart.  I can still remember the day my sister-in-law, Twyla, called me to say she had just left her OB appointment and was heading to the OB Unit because the doctor could feel Ava’s feet!  Twyla was in tears and scared that her baby […]


Let me introduce you to my daughter, Isabel Llewellyn.  She has been dancing for 7 years now and is going into her 3rd year on the competition team. Isabel loves dancing, and a big part of that love comes from the relationships she has formed with her teammates. When she’s on the stage, her confidence […]

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