I Hope You Dance {Williston Teen Photography}


Let me introduce you to my daughter, Isabel Llewellyn.  She has been dancing for 7 years now and is going into her 3rd year on the competition team. Isabel loves dancing, and a big part of that love comes from the relationships she has formed with her teammates. When she’s on the stage, her confidence shines! Isabel loves all types of artistic activities. She participates in voice classes, piano, guitar, band and also enjoys church. She keeps herself very busy, but it’s good busy. Isabel’s favorite vacation was to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, a trip she took with her family. She loved the warm weather and drinking all the Miami Vices as she wanted. Something you may not know about Isabel is that she sleep walks and talks in her sleep; she has even tried to leave the house before! On a perfect Saturday, she said she would be shopping in NYC with me at high-end boutiques with frappes in hand!headshot teen girlsteen laying on back Teen girl floral jumper black and white of teen girl Teen girl squatting teen girl smiling black and white portrait of teen girl teen girl on back dancer jumpingTeen portrait in badlands Teen in flowered jumper B&W portrait of teen Teen sitting on bluff Girl in jumper sitting Teen standing in badlands Dance jump in badlands Dancing leap

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