Sweet treat for these three. {Williston Lifestyle Photographer}


Isabel, Chelsa, and Taylor celebrated the end of the 7th grade by grabbing some yogurt at My Swirl. While hanging out with the girls, I couldn’t help but think about the friends I had at their age. It was at this age that I made friendships I still have today. In fact, most of my friends from that age I’m still close to now. I’m talking- in my wedding, Godparents, and annual girls trips close. So, I can only hope these girls are forming the same kind of bonds. It’s a priceless gift. To this day, I still feel like middle school was some of hardest social years for me, so I know just how important these friendships are to make it a little easier to navigate during the tough times.There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better.3 teen girls getting yogurt yogurt toppings 3 teen girls in front of yogurt machine girls eating yogurt yogurt in three dishes girls clinking their yogurt 3 teen girls laughing in front of a fence Black and white of 3 teen girls walking 3 teen girls posed on a bench black and white picture of 3 teen girls

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