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Every year, my sister does a fun, themed shoot and she includes the photos in her hilarious, sarcastic holiday newsletter.  The time spent  with my sister is an obvious perk and I look forward to the newsletter every year. My favorite part about themed shoots is the creativity they allow and they’re fun to do! This 1970s themed photoshoot was a great way to shake things up and Kasey got a gallery of images that match her aesthetic to a t!

1970s Themed Photoshoot

My studio space is a blank canvas for whatever clients have in mind.  I encourage them to get creative with any props they want to include, whether it’s a birthday shoot, senior photos, or branding.  Props are a great way to add personality and style to any session! Kasey’s 1970s themed shoot wouldn’t have been complete without a few touches from the era. She came prepared with vintage vinyls and we incorporated one of my mustard colored accent chairs that matched the vibe.  All of the  visual elements combined for an authentic retro feel!

Planning a ‘70s Inspired Wardrobe

Our ‘70s themed photoshoot wouldn’t have been complete without a retro inspired wardrobe! Kasey’s outfit was made up of authentic vintage clothing pieces and she looked every bit the part!  Bell bottoms, band t’s, and plaid skirts all made the cut when Kasey did her wardrobe research.  Similar to props, accessories are another small but impactful way to level up photos of any kind.  Her hat and big sunglasses were the perfect addition to complete her ‘70s aesthetic.  If you’re planning your own retro inspired shoot, consider these tips:
1. Incorporate funky patterns and fabrics
2. Choose earth tones that were popular during that time
3. Consider a flowy maxi dresses or boho skirts that Stevie Nicks herself would approve of! 
4. Don’t forget the accessories! Hoop earrings, layered bracelets, & hats are all great choices.

How to Plan a Themed Shoot

When planning your themed shoot, I suggest creating a Pinterest board for inspiration.  Pin photos of outfits you love and images from other sessions that fit the aesthetic for what you’re going for. Keep popular tv shows, movies, or even magazine shoots from the era in mind for a truly authentic feel.  Not only will this give you a starting point for planning your hair & wardrobe, it’s also helpful for your photographer so that the two (or more!) of you are on the same page with your end goal. 

Themed shoots are as fun as they are unique.  As a photographer, I have the opportunity to get a bit more creative with my lenses and edits.  As the subject, you have the opportunity to experiment with wardrobe, hair & makeup you maybe wouldn’t normally wear.  Imagine the possibilities of recreating a black & white photo of your grandparents from the ‘60s if you’re a newly engaged couple! From editorial style photos that match the vibe of your brand to milestone baby photos done in a vintage style, there’s endless potential for themed shoots.  With a little planning & creativity, you could have a beautiful and totally unique themed gallery of your own!

North Dakota Studio Photographer

Hey, I’m Kellie, a family, senior, and brand photographer serving Williston, ND and beyond! I provide my clients authentic, heartfelt, inspirational photos that tell their stories through my lens.  Are you envisioning photos that celebrate a special occasion in a unique way?  Let’s make it happen!  Take a look at my portfolio and let’s chat about how we can make your dream photos a reality.  Want some inspiration in the meantime?  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest or come say hi on IG, FB, and TikTok! 

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