Fay Canyon Photoshoot | Sedona, AZ


A young woman with long, blonde hair wearing a floor-length orange dress lounges on the red rocks at Fay Canyon Overlook in front of cacti during a travel photo session in Sedona, Arizona.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my goals for myself and my business this year is to travel more and do more travel sessions.  I checked off another location earlier this month with a return trip to Arizona! While I was in Sedona for a session, an associate at a local hike shop recommended taking a hike to see the Fay Canyon Overlook.  She did not steer us wrong!  I was looking for a few different factors in a location for a few more photos of my daughter, and this one checked all of the boxes.

A collage of photos show a young woman in a floor-length orange dress posing along the Fay Canyon Overlook during her travel senior session in Sedona.

Fay Canyon Overlook

A map of the Fay Canyon trail in Sedona, Arizona.

Photo from USDA Forest Service.

This specific trail is a little more secluded than others in the area, but there is still a decent amount of other hikers along the way.  The hike itself is great for beginners or those looking for something on the easier side, and this particular one is just a little over a mile long.  You don’t need to be an experienced hiker by any means for this one!  The associate who recommended the trail explained that it has shade in the morning, and that was exactly what we wanted! It’s a sight-seers dream and we got tons of gorgeous photos during our time there.  The path is lined with Juniper trees and red sandstone; the right outfit creates an amazing contrast with the landscape and I just can’t get enough of it.  

A travel photoshoot at Fay Canyon in Sedona, Arizona, is displayed featuring a recent high school graduate wearing an orange dress along the overlook trail.

Three photos show a young woman wearing a long, orange dress posing on the rocks along the Fay Canyon trail in Sedona during a travel session to Arizona with North Dakota based lifestyle photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Sedona Travel Session

I wish that we’d had more time to explore because we were told that about .4 miles in, there were caves hidden along the trail.  I’m hoping to set aside extra time for that next time because I think cave exploration would’ve made for such a cool experience. This trail is open year-round and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like in the winter!

Fay Canyon Overlook is shown in photographs featuring a young woman in a flowing orange dress during a travel photo session with Kellie Rochelle Photography, a ND based family & senior photographer.

A little added bonus to this specific trail is that there’s a bit of a secret at the end.  Once you reach the ‘end of trail’ sign, you can keep going a bit farther and off to the right is an overlook.  This is actually where we took Isabel’s photos!  If we hadn’t been running out of time, there was a canyon area near the overlook. It would’ve been a great photo op too but given the time constraints and it being a little difficult to get Isabel up there, we opted to stick with the overlook.  We love the results!  The orange dress she wore was perfect for creating movement in the shots and it was spot-on for the contrast I mentioned earlier.

A collage of six photos taken by North Dakota based lifestyle & senior photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography, displays a young woman in a flowing dress posing along the Fay Canyon trail in Arizona amongst the red rocks and cacti.

Arizona is such a beautiful state with tons of hidden gems like Fay Canyon and I fall a little more in love with it with each trip. For those looking to do a travel session of their own, I can’t recommend Sedona enough.  I already can’t wait to go back! To schedule your own, contact me here.

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