Fun & Feminine Beauty Branding Session | North Dakota Branding Photoshoot


Two photos depict a brunette woman surrounded by pink disco balls while holding a pink phone, lying on a white rug during her beauty branding session with Kellie Rochelle Photography in her Williston, ND natural light studio.

When Tara approached me about photographing her beauty branding session, I was instantly excited and inspired! I couldn’t wait to get started and see what she had in mind for her personal branding shoot. Before my clients ever come to my studio (or we meet at their location), I forward a guide to help plan the session.  It covers everything from brainstorming locations, wardrobe tips, a lengthy list of prop ideas, and planners to print to really prep for the session!  These photos are for you and your business, a little strategy can go a long way to make sure you’re getting the most from your shoot. Tara definitely did her homework and came prepared for a truly personalized experience! 

A collage of three photos shows a brunette woman in jeans, a pink tank, and a white blazer in a natural light studio in downtown Williston, North Dakota.

North Dakota Personal Branding Shoot

As a top leader with Red Aspen, Tara’s brand is focused on beauty and her favorite products, including makeup & nails.  She does a fantastic job of weaving her bubbly personality and humor into her content, and her photos needed to reflect that as well.  So, how did we approach it?  With tons of pink, disco balls, favorite drinks, her love of travel, and loads of laughter!

A collage of three photos showcase beauty influencer, Tara Geltel, in casual attire seated before a bright white wall, next to bright pink luggage as props for her beauty branding photoshoot in North Dakota.

Planning a Branding Session Wardrobe

If you take a look at the photos, you’ll see that she planned a few different wardrobe pieces.  How does this benefit her?  For one, she has a lot of variety in her photos.  Some are more casual and some are more professional, and both styles have their own uses.  Second, she can keep her content and feed fresh with different looks which gives her longevity with her investment. When you strategically choose pieces or accessories that display your brand colors, you’re able to seamlessly integrate them into your website, marketing materials, & social media. Branding sessions are so much more than just photos– they’re an investment back into your business because they’re so versatile with how they can be used!

Williston, North Dakota brand photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography, captured images of Tara Geltel, brunette beauty influencer, holding her laptop featuring her logo while wearing a white blazer.

Branding Session Props Inspiration

The props incorporated into sessions are always so much fun!  I always enjoy seeing what clients bring to their sessions! It’s like a little peak into their personalities and no two sessions are ever the same.  I think business-specific tools are what typically come to mind when you begin brainstorming what to include in your session.  Those are great and I do encourage it, but don’t be afraid to have fun with them either! Tara brought along her tools of the trade like those gorgeous Red Aspen nails. The her laptop, as well as her planner and colorful flair pens. Her choice to bring along her Stanley, Dr. Pepper, & pink luggage sprinkled in extra Tara-aesthetic that really showcased who she is.

A woman with dark hair wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt holds a basketball while relaxing in the floor of a Williston, ND photography studio for her beauty branding session.
A woman with dark hair stands next to a Red Aspen sun hat propped atop pink luggage while wearing a jean jacket with black leggings for her branding photoshoot with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

This session with all of its pink and feminine touches was such a treat for me to shoot!  Just like with my lifestyle family sessions or senior shoots, I had the pleasure of a behind the scenes look at Tara’s life and that is never lost on me.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram here, she’s a gem! If you’re ready to invest in branding photos of your own, you can get the party started here.

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