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Kellie Llewellyn, North Dakota mother and branding photographer, is pictured smiling while holding her camera for a brand photoshoot in Destin, FL.

For the last seven years, I’ve served the Williston area and beyond through lifestyle photography.  As a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing every chapter of my client’s stories. From engagement, to motherhood, and more recently, the businesses they’ve built for themselves through brand photography, I’m there for it all.  Like my clients, I had a story before becoming a North Dakota photographer, so let’s start at the beginning.

Williston, ND photographer, Kellie Llewellyn is pictured wearing a pink shirt and white shorts during an outdoor branding session.
North Dakota-based photographer, Kellie Llewellyn is pictured wearing a pink shirt and white shorts during an outdoor branding session.

Life Before North Dakota Photographer

Similar to many other women who pursue their own business, my family was my inspiration. My husband, Wyatt, and I have been married for 20 years during which time we’ve welcomed 7 kids: Isabel (19), Drew (17), Luke (15), Lane (12), Ryder (10), Max (8), and Amelia Grace (6).  For ten years before I became a North Dakota photographer and for five of those kiddos, I worked as a hospital pharmacist. During my sixth pregnancy, Wyatt and I decided that I would stay home with our growing household.  I didn’t know it then, but that decision would ultimately lead to the birth of my business as I know it! 

Kellie Llewellyn, Williston branding photographer, is photographed through the glass of a window smiling & chatting on her iPhone during a photography retreat in Florida.

Becoming Kellie Rochelle Photography

Photography has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember.  Even as a child, I’ve had a camera in my hand. I’ve always been the one in the friend group you can count on to photograph every night out together.  When we made the decision for me to leave pharmacy, I was already taking online photography classes. It made sense for me to pursue it. I started by taking photos of our kids. Before long, my friends and family began asking me to do the same for them.  From there, my hobby evolved into my business!  

Capturing Client Stories

From the fall of 2017 when I first began my photography journey to now, a few things have changed but several have remained the same. For example, my undying love for Diet Coke and  fountain Diet Mountain Dews from Simonson’s has never wavered even for a moment. Similarly, my why has remained constant through the years. My goal has always been to connect with my clients by sharing in their personal journeys while preserving their precious memories.  I’ve managed to do exactly that while expanding my services!

Combining Work & Play

What started as photographing my own family and friends has grown into seniors, newborns, maternity, couples, branding, and travel photography. It’s a beautiful thing when you’re able to combine your favorite things (i.e. traveling all over the country and my love for family and stories) with work.  I’m even shooting some of those sessions from my very own studio in downtown Williston! (This was a goal I’ve been working on for a few years now). I take so much pride and joy in capturing my clients the way I see them & making them feel as beautiful as they truly are.  I absolutely LOVE what I do and it’s been totally worth every challenge I’ve faced along the way.

Lessons for New Business Owners

As you can imagine, juggling 7 kids and a business leads to some hard-earned lessons– some I wish I’d understood sooner. There are several things I’d like to go back and tell brand new professional photographer Kellie. I’d probably start with, “Done is better than perfect.” I would’ve learned that sooner if I’d understood the importance of the second thing I’d tell my past self: find your people.  I’ve done that through online communities like The Round Table and Root to Rise with Sabrina Gebhardt. Because of those groups, I’ve grown and evolved as both a person and a business owner.  The most important piece of advice I’ve been given actually came from Sabrina herself, and that was, “Give yourself grace for the season of life you’re in.”  

Texas based photographer and educator, Sabrina Gebhardt, is pictured with Kellie Llewellyn of Kellie Rochelle Photography, both wearing pink blouses, during a photoshoot in Destin, FL.

Balancing Business & Mom Life  

Another important piece of advice Sabrina has given me is the power of outsourcing.  In starting a business, many of us were seeking more freedom, time with our families, and breaking away from the typical 9-5 schedule.  In order to actually do that, however, you can’t do it all on your own and trying to do so quickly leads to burn out.  I took her advice and now outsource as much as possible! 

Pharmacist turned photographer, Kellie Llewellyn is pictured wearing a pink shirt and white shorts during an outdoor branding session for her North Dakota photography business.

I have a weekly cleaner and I take full advantage of Walmart delivery to save me time.  My personal assistant comes a few hours a week to help me at home and my virtual assistant handles some of my blogs, newsletters, and social media. My bookkeeper sends me monthly reports & accounts for all of my business things. Having that help in my corner has been tremendously helpful and will make it possible to work towards my next business goal: offering education!

Pharmacist turned photographer, Kellie Llewellyn is pictured wearing a pink shirt and white shorts during an outdoor branding session for her North Dakota photography business.

Being a part of a tribe of women who are taking care of business and their homes has been so empowering for me. I’m looking forward to documenting more stories like mine!  Be on the lookout for more stories like mine in my upcoming women owned business blog series. 

North Dakota Branding Photographer

Hey, I’m Kellie, a Williston-based branding photographer who focuses on authentic, heartfelt, inspirational photos that tell my clients stories through my lens.  Are you a business owner looking to up your marketing game through brand photos that feel like you ?  Let’s make it happen!  Take a look at my branding packages and let’s chat about how we can make your dream branding photos a reality.  Want some inspiration in the meantime?  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest or come say hi on IG, FB, and TikTok! 

Oh, and one last thing! As mom’s, we truly do it all. Who says we can’t bake delicious cookies before we go run our own empires? That said, below is one of my all time favorite cookies recipes for you to save for later. Enjoy!

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