4 Tips for Planning a Branding Session

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A major step towards creating a professional looking website and social media presence for your business is a branding photography session.  After all, customers want to see the face behind the brand.  I had the pleasure of photographing Lola Dvine for her own branding session and she nailed it! Her session was so uniquely her and displayed her brand/art perfectly, it’s a great example of everything a branding session should be. Here are four of my favorite tips for planning and preparing for your branding session for the best results possible.

A collage of photos from a branding session in North Dakota depict a dark-haired artist donning tattoos and a colorful hair scarf as she paints.

Name Your Goals

What do you plan to do with the photos once you’ve received your galleries?  Is the goal to refresh your website or are you going to be using them primarily for social media and marketing?  These are some of the questions you’ll receive on a questionnaire from me before the session so that we’re both on the same page. Knowing this info in advance helps me to know the types of shots I need (like more negative space to allow room for text for example) and helps you to plan your wardrobe accordingly!

Carefully Plan Your Wardrobe

As you’re doing this, consider how you want your clients to view you.  Is your brand fun and relaxed?  Do you serve luxury brands and executive professionals?  The clothes and accessories you choose need to match your brand style!  Just like with any other session, be sure to bring different options and outfits so that you can get the most bang for your buck and use your photos for a bit before updating again.

Lola Dvine, an artist in North Dakota, poses with her canvas and brush during an outdoor photo session with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Incorporate Brand Colors

From Pinterest to Instagram, to marketing materials and everything in between, professional branding photos make everything more polished and build credibility with future clients! Keep in mind that your photos need to be cohesive with the rest of your business, and color choices matter.  If your color palette on your website and all of your social media platforms are neutral, you’re not going to want to show up in neon 80’s colors.  However, if you have fun pops of color within your brand like a bright pink or sunny yellow, absolutely incorporate that!  Accessories can be a great way to add those in.  Think cool mugs, fun blazers, or even the furniture in the location you choose!

A woman with long, dark hair and a colorful hair scarf lies against her acoustic guitar on a rock formation in North Dakota.

Stay True to Yourself

Branding photos are really about marketing yourself to future clients.  If I’ve learned anything in this online space, it’s that authenticity goes a long way!  Above everything else, your brand photos should reflect who you are and the goals you have set for your business.  You should feel comfortable and confident in everything you choose from the clothes to the setting, and you’ll end up with a beautiful representation of your business every time.

By following these tips when planning your branding session, you can ensure that all aspects come together perfectly in order to make images that resonate with people viewing them online or offline! Whether it is through video conferencing during virtual meetings or on business cards – branded images provide tangible proof that clients are dealing with someone who knows their stuff! Professional headshots taken during a branding session put these images into the hands (and inboxes) of potential clients by showcasing the true essence which is uniquely yours! Take action today by investing in yourself – because nobody else will do it for YOU!

Are you looking to launch or revamp your business website in 2023?  Want to add professional photos to your social media posts for a personal, polished touch?  Message me to get your branding session on the books!

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