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Williston’s top 5 amazing family session locations.

The beauty of Western North Dakota is the best kept secret in the state. The rolling hills, the wide open skies, and the picturesque sunsets that showcase blends of pinks and purples and oranges are an artist’s dream and remind me of the power of nature.

I hope you have an opportunity to discover these hidden gems! I feel so fortunate to live in western ND. This area has so much to offer and within close distance. I love the variety we have to choose from.

#1 – Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

The North Unit of the majestic Badlands is a historic location with scenic views. This area offers various types of landscapes from painted canyons to the cool round stone formations (cannonball creations) and Missouri River running through. An added bonus is of all the wildlife who inhabit the park. You may witness buffalo roaming free, and if you are lucky, you might see some big horn sheep, too. The possibilities are endless for different locations in the North Unit, and it is only 70 miles from Williston, making it a great option.

#2 -Lewis Park State Park

Located only 17 miles from Williston, LCSP has a picture perfect backdrop- the rugged buttes of the ND Badlands just beyond Lake Sakakawea. On the beaches, you can see driftwood and the washed gray of the wood adds a cool texture to the beach. This Lewis and Clark spot is easy to access and not far from town. The landscape has a lot of trees and open meadows, giving photographers a variety of backgrounds for a shoot.

#3 – Lake Sakakawea

This locations is just off of 1804 and close to The Links of North Dakota, a nationally-renowned golf course. What I love most about it is the huge rocks on the beach. The years the water is high you can’t see them, but when you can they are fun to use in photos! This locations is around 25 miles from Williston. In August, the sunflower fields nearby are a sight to behold!

#4 – Badlands Scenery

This location is 30 minutes from town. The colors and textures offer depth and add to the artistry of a shoot. The landscape is full of orange, greens, and purple-gray hues. This spot has majestic views, and it is vast, colorful, and wide open. You can find grasslands, rock formations, petrified wood, natural ledges, wild flowers, and sag brush just to name a few things. This is my most requested

#5 – Downtown Williston

Downtown has an urban feel with a lot of opportunity for a variety of unique settings. Some examples are the old post office with its grand architecture, the movie theatre, the train station park, and quaint alleyways.

What is your preference? When you close your eyes, which do you envision: urban or nature? I’d be happy to visit with you about these or other options for your next family picture session!

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