What is a lifestyle photographer?


If you’re here then there’s something about my work that you like and it probably has a little something to do with the Lifestyle Photography style that I love to capture.


If you’re curious about this type of shoot, read on to learn how a Lifestyle photography session could be the perfect fit for you and your family

1.     It isn’t traditional portraits; it’s about connection.



I won’t ask you to look at the camera and smile for every picture. We will certainly mix in some of those traditional shots as we go, but what I really want is to see the connection your family has. I just want you to love on one another and be together.

2. It’s about your family’s essence; it’s unique to your family at that point in your lives.



Every family has their own unique mannerisms. Maybe it’s how your toddler plays with her hair when she’s tired or how your partner puts their hand on the small of your back while you walk together. I want to capture your family’s essence to forever cement a moment in time. 

3. It is prompted not posed; it includes movement.



Nothing relaxes a family faster than getting some movement. In order to bring out the authentic relationship your family shares, I love to give you small prompts like “play follow the leader holding hands” or “everyone give mom a big hug” then just capture it as it unfolds.

4. It involves storytelling; the story stars your family and shows the viewer, through the lens, your connection.



I want to provide you with images that capture a small chapter of your lives with connection and emotions. I want to tell your story without using words.

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