The only thing more enjoyable than a returning client is a client who is also a friend!  Michele has been my personal trainer for years and we’ve become friends in the process.  I look forward to seeing her family’s name on my schedule because their adventure family sessions are always a good time for everyone, myself included!


Extended family sessions are some of my favorites to shoot and they’re often some of the most meaningful. Take a look at this extended family session!


Documenting your family’s season of life is something you’ll never regret. Photos are some of our fondest treasures because they are pieces of time that we can never get back. It’s my mission to capture your family’s personality just as you are in the season you’re in. Family pictures with me is more than just smiling at the camera. It’s a relaxed and authentic approach of documenting your family. It’s a style that’s a perfect match for your kiddos!

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