Tips for Preparing Your Kids for Your Family Session


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Documenting your family’s season of life is something you’ll never regret. Photos are some of our fondest treasures because they are pieces of time that we can never get back. It’s my mission to capture your family’s personality just as you are in the season you’re in. Family pictures with me is more than just smiling at the camera. It’s a relaxed and authentic approach of documenting your family. It’s a style that’s a perfect match for your kiddos!

I want your family session to be as fun for them as possible. We also make it as stress free as possible for mom and dad. There are some things you can do ahead of time to ensure you and your kids have the best family session possible. Here are some of my best tips for preparing your kids for your family session with me!

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Tips for Preparing Your Kids for Your Family Session

Alert them Ahead of Time

Talk to your kiddos about your family session a few weeks in advance. Keep it casual and let them know what’s on the calendar. Children like to know what’s coming next! Tell them a friend is taking them and that it’s not too formal so they don’t worry about being bored!

Make Them a Part of the Process

Let them help you pick out their outfits. Assist them to make sure everything is coordinated while still giving them an opinion on what they wear. If they look and feel their very best, it will make the session more fun for them! Have them lay their clothes out the night before to prepare for your family session with excitement.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Well Fed and Rested

Nothing is worse than being hungry or tired. That goes for all of us! Make sure your kiddos eat a snack some time before you leave so that they won’t be hungry during the session and rushing to go eat. Schedule the session at a time that works around their nap time so that they’ll be well rested and happy!

Start Getting Ready In Plenty of Time and Arrive Early

Kids, and adults too, don’t like to be rushed. Take your time getting ready and make sure you have plenty of time to arrive at your session on time.

Plan Something Fun After Your Family Session

Turn your family session into a date night with your kids! Plan to see a movie afterwards, go to their favorite restaurant or get some ice cream. Make the whole evening a fun event for them!

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Family session don’t have to be something you or your kiddos dread! It’s a special time set aside for you all to spend time together. I’m just there to capture the magic! I hope these tips for preparing your kids for your family session was helpful. Your family can look forward to your session with ease! If you’d like to book a family session with me, send me a message!

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