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Williston, ND photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography, features Christina of La Cocina Taqueria, a woman-owned business.

Next up in my woman-owned business series is my friend, Christina.  She allowed me to join her in her Williston, ND, restaurant, La Cocina Taqueria, for photos of her hard at work feeding the locals her amazing Mexican dishes.  We chatted about how her business came to be and the lessons she learned during nearly a decade (& counting) of entrepreneurship. We had a blast!

Food prepared by La Cocina Taqueria is featured atop a colorful tiled table during a woman-owned business branding session with Williston ND photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography

La Cocina Taqueria

When Christina and Jose, her husband of 25 years, arrived in Williston, ND, they noticed a void. Of all of the local restaurants, there was a lack of options when it came to authentic Mexican food.   In 2015, Christina seized the opportunity to rent a space on the weekends.  It paid off! She’s proudly prepared fresh & flavorful authentic Mexican cuisine for Williston local for 8 years.  

Best of the Bakken Nominee

For Christina, La Cocina Taqueria is a labor of love.  “My why is because I love to cook and I love watching people enjoy my food!”  In fact, she says the most important ingredient in her food is the love she puts into every dish.  This eatery has become such a local favorite that they were nominated for Best of the Bakken in a handful of categories. (Although they were so busy they didn’t realize it until the last day of voting!)  However, that’s not to say that Christina’s success didn’t come with some lessons along the way.

North Dakota Small Business Owner

Like any business owner, there are some things she wishes she knew from the start. If she could go back and give herself one piece of advice as a new business owner it would be, “…to be prepped and informed about the legalities of running a business.  I have learned a lot!”  For Christina, family is of the utmost importance. They’ve had a large role in helping her balance motherhood and entrepreneurship.  As a mother of 3, it was difficult in the beginning for her to stay organized and find balance.  Her family was instrumental in helping her create a routine and the older kids took on more responsibilities at home.  Over the last few years, she built a team that helps with the business. 

Woman-Owned Restaurant

Business and motherhood are similar, especially in that it takes a village!  Those same people who helped her gain her footing in the beginning now consistently remind her of how far she’s gotten with all the effort she’s made.  As she continues to pour her heart and soul into feeding the Williston area, she hopes to be able to continue providing the same great quality food, but from her own, larger space.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!

Get to Know Christina


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