Including Sports In Your Senior Session


Senior sports photography for volleyball.

Sports are such a HUGE part of life for so many seniors. Many have played the same sports, with the same team members for years. So many fond memories of childhood are associated with them. It only makes perfect sense to include sports in your senior session!

Senior sessions should be as reflective of the senior’s personality as possible. There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter senior session with me! Each session is as unique as the senior client. Whether your senior plays one sport or multiple, including their favorite hobbies are a must for their senior session!

Does your senior play baseball or softball? Let’s hit the ballpark for some amazing photos!

Senior sports photography for baseball.

Does your senior dance? You can include beautiful, graceful shots of your senior at any number of locations during their senior session!

Senior sports photography for dance.

Does your senior play basketball? We’ll head to the court for some senior photos that will take you back to the sound of the buzzer very time you see them again.

Senior sports photography for basketball..

Does your senior play hockey? Let’s head to the rink to capture some of the coolest sports shots out there!

Senior sports photography for hockey.

Grab your uniform, pack your equipment and we’ll capture your athlete like a sports superstar! Including sports in your senior session is the perfect way to preserve this busy season of their life. You’ll never want to forget those late Friday night lights, dance recitals or championship games! Want to book your senior session with me? Send me a message so we can start planning!

Senior sports photography for soccer.

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