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Seated on wooden stairs, a brunette woman smiles at the camera as she holds up paint swatches of all hues.

After several years of being a North Dakota-based lifestyle photographer, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to marketing yourself in a competitive field.  The first step to leveling up your business? Branding photos! Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, a branding session is a business investment you shouldn’t put off.  

At a recent photography retreat (Root to Rise, it’s amazing and I highly recommend it!) our focus was branding.  We photographed Eliza, an interior designer local to the Charleston, SC, area, and she came prepared for a game-changing session!

Wearing a black, knee length dress, a South Carolina based interior designer smiles over her shoulder as she opens a modern black door on a porch during her branding session.

Planning Your Branding Session

Before you do anything else, consider how you plan to use the photos.  Remember, they really are multipurpose, but it can help to envision them in action.  Will we need to include lots of negative space for social media posts?  Who is your audience or ideal client?  What will they respond to in terms of overall aesthetic and even your wardrobe choices?
I know it feels like we’re playing 20 Questions right now, but I promise it’s worth it!

A dark-haired woman smiles as she looks downward at a stack of interior design books during her branding photoshoot.

Brand Aesthetic Wardrobe

Our style is how we present ourselves to the world, so I’m sure you can see why it was important to consider who your ideal client is in the first place.  Aside from choosing pieces that you love and trying them on long before the session, remember to incorporate brand colors so that they blend seamlessly with any existing marketing materials.  Variety is the spice of life, and it certainly applies to having multiple outfits!  Having more than one outfit ensures that your photos gives you variety in your gallery which means you can use them again and again without getting bored of them.

Eliza had a great mix of neutrals and fun colors/patterns in her wardrobe pieces. Her picks are a great example of what to aim for when planning your own outfits! We’re shooting for versatility here, and that means having options when you put these photos to work.

Wearing a white button down and light jeans, a brunette interior designer lies across fabric samples in various colors and patterns during a branding session for her interior design business.

Branding Session Props

Aside from you, props are the key ingredient for a one-of-a-kind branding session. If you’re stumped on what to bring with you, ask yourself the following question: which 5 items do you need to function each day and do your job?  Do you run on Diet Coke like me or are you more of a coffee gal?  If you lose your planner, does your entire life crumble around you?  Are you a pen snob with a preference for colorful flair pens or the needle-like precision of a Sharpie pen? These items integrate who you are as a business owner into the session and give your clients a sneak peek at what life is like behind the scenes.

For Eliza’s session, she incorporated fabric samples, books, paint swatches & even drawings of the house.  The fabric samples added both color and texture to her photos. (Perfect for background images for both her website and social media posts in the future!)  The more specific you can be, the more personal and inviting your branding will turn out in the end! 

A collage of photos depicts a smiling, brunette interior designer seated on the counter in a light & modern kitchen during her branding session with North Dakota based branding photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography.

My retreat left me feeling inspired and excited to provide this service for other North Dakota small business owners more often. I’m eager to flex my creativity while helping other women (and men!) put their best face forward for their businesses.  Ready to pull the trigger and schedule a branding session of your own?  Contact me here & don’t forget to check out Pinterest for mood board inspiration and much more!

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