The Krieger Family {Williston Lifestyle Photographer}


Each time I get asked to do a family photo session, I know I’m being given a glimpse into their world and an opportunity to create a lasting memento of who they are at this stage of their lives. Sometimes I have met the family prior to the session; sometimes I have not. With the Krieger family, I have distinct memories of Onesti and Jason from high school.My first memory of Onesti is loving her long blond hair, it just touched the top of her jeans. In her back pocket, you could always see a pick for her hair. She had this bubbly, happy way about her and she was rarely found without a smile on her face. Jason I remember as shy and quiet; maybe it was just his quiet demeanor that lead me to think he was shy, but that’s the memory of I have of him.  Fast forward 20 some years and they are married and have two kids. Hudson is the same age as my oldest son, and they are friends who are on the same traveling basketball team, going on the third year. Hudson reminds me of Jason’s personality, and Hayden, who is the youngest, loved any opportunity to goof around, much to her brother’s dismay, although secretly I think he kind of likes it.When Onesti contacted me to take their family pictures, she said they had never had them before. I was excited! It gave me the chance to learn more about who they are now as a family, and I hope it gives them a memory they will cherish when they look back at the photos years down the road, reminiscing about the first time they had family pictures taken!

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