Gwen’s Senior Sessions {Williston Family Photographer}


I’ve know Gwen for a few years now. Her sister, Izzy, dances with my daughter, and that’s how I’ve gotten to know her. She is a hard worker and keeps her plate full! She is an  honor roll student, works part time at a coffee shop, babysits on most free nights, and even directed her school play…. that’s before adding in volleyball and church activities. On more than one occasion, Gwen has rearranged her work schedule to watch my kiddos so I could do a photo shoot. She is close with her family and often I see her writing Facebook posts telling her mom how much she means to her, and just yesterday I saw Izzy post one to Gwen.

 Gwen had two sessions for her senior package. For the first one, we went to an old homestead dating back to 1895. An old corral was still standing and a brick silo that made me think of the Disney movie Tangled. It was photographers dream! A nice old pickup was on the property that we got some cool refection pictures with. Gwen’s dad, Dave, brought a weed eater and was clearing areas out so we could get in for the pictures; it was a team effort for sure and just another example of what an awesome family they have! Gwen was the perfect model and up for anything…climbing into a silo, jumping into old windows, and walking through tall weeds with sandals on.For the second session, Gwen knew she wanted to go to the Trenton river bottoms. She wanted to have the fall foliage, but Mother Nature had other plans. It became cold early and we lost all the leaves in two weeks it seems. I tried to reschedule to get them earlier but our schedules and rain had other plans.  The location was still beautiful. The trees lining the dirt road make a perfect natural frame. Gwen’s mom, Jen, mentioned that they hadn’t taken family pictures since the girls were little, so I also had  the pleasure of getting some new ones! If you’ve followed my senior blogs before you know I include a questionnaire so you can get to know them better! Here’s a peak into Gwen’s life!

Name of Senior:  Gwendolyn Ann HolmenWhat does a typical weekday look like for you: A typical weekday for me looks like working and hanging out with family and friends.
What do you like to do on the weekends: Things I like to do on the weekends are go out the the cabin with my family and friends and go to church in Sunday.
Top 3 favorite songs right now:  Reckless love, You make me brave, Heaven
Favorite Drink: BrownieFavorite Website: InstagramBiggest accomplishment in school so far: 4.0 honor rollFavorite place on Earth: The lakeFavorite thing in my closet: my Red dress3 things I can’t live without: My car, phone, and coffeeFavorite App on my phone: SnapchatMy hobbies: Volleyball, camping, boating, and four wheelingMy friends would describe me as: Caring
Nickname: Gwen
Dream Job: College professorUnusual talent I have: Popping every joint in my bodyPerson I would love to meet: Kane Brown
Favorite brand: Pink

Something I always have in my purse/wallet/pocket: Phone

My goals after high school: College


portrait of teen girl black and white of teen sitting teen girl sitting in a field Black and white of senior girl in a tower senior girl looking back senior girl with arms over her head black and white of girl in field reflection of senior girl in old pickup mirror close up of girl leaning against a wall girl laughing throwing her hair back girl standing in front of a pond. black and white girl in a field black and white of girl in field senior girl leaning against a tree Gwen laying on a wool blanket Senior girl sitting in fall leaves black and white picture of girl Senior girl throwing fall leaves family standing for a pose in a tree row mom and daughter embracing

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