Tavish and Jessica’s Engagement Session {Williston Family Photographer}


So many moments in life are fleeting, but life-long friends are amongst the most special blessings a person can have. So when my friend of nearly 3 decades asked me to take her engagement pictures, I was honored and proud to play a part in showcasing the love between her and her fiancé, Tavish.I know how lucky I am to have a life-long friend—someone I grew up with and have walked through life with. Together, we have experienced some of life’s greatest moments, and this photo shoot was another one of those moments.We went to three very special locations: Tavish’s childhood home, downtown, and a favorite hiking spot they frequent. It felt like each new spot was its own mini-session with different vibes and different meaning to Tavish and Jessica.Before the session, as is normal practice for my photography business, I sent both of them a questionnaire to get to know them better, which probably seems strange because Jess and I have been friends for so long, but I still learned a lot. I learned that they met when Jessica was asked to sub on a co-ed volleyball team. I love that Jessica can still picture in her head the first time she really “saw” Tavish, leaning on a corner of the fence with a beer in his hand and a smile on his face. When I asked what a typical day looked like, Tavish answered saying he starts each day by kissing Jessica. I knew at that moment that Jessica had a romantic on her hands and made me like him even more! I ended up with so many great pictures and picking just a few for this post was incredibly hard, but the moments my lens captured expose what a beautiful love Jessica and Tavish have for one another. I can’t wait to stand by her side when she gets to say yes to her forever!

I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Salomon 3:4Couple walking in pasture Couple embracing in badlands Couple sitting in the grass Black and white of couple laying down couple in black clothes Female in maroon hat Couple in the white smoke Close up of the ring couple at sunset black and white of couple laying on the ground couple in the house on the stairs bride and groom at the train station park Black and white of couple on the stairs Couple in prom pose on hill Couple kissing on the porch black and white of couple kissing Couple dancing at sunset Close up of brides ring Couple dancing in the red smoke detail shot of hands in hair Couple walking downtown

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