Dance Little Sister {Williston Childhood Photographer}


I would like you to meet one of our Emeralds, Ainslen Tanner! She has been in dance for 2.5 years, on the Emerald team for one year. Ainslen is really excited about dancing with her line again next year. She doesn’t do many other activities during the dance season. She likes to ride bike and scooter, roller blade, play with her dog and cats, and most of all, she loves to dance! She has not taken her favorite vacation yet, but she is pretty sure when they go to Alaska that will be her favorite. While there, they have plans to go on an ocean animal watching cruise, plus rafting, glacier-walking, bon fires at a luau, and watching the sun never set. Something people may not know about Ainslen–she likes to give her cats baths because they look so funny, giving her grumpy looks the whole time, and they smell so pretty afterwards. She also has a very good palate! She can make a spice rub that is amazing out of almost anything. In fact, she wants to market her own rub line before she turns 11 years old! She dreams of going to Paris one day, and her perfect Saturday night would be a girls’ night with her mom and sisters, making supper together and experimenting with rubs, watching movies, cuddling, and giggling all night. Head shot of girlGirl in a squatting pose Black and white portrait of girl Portrait of girl in pink dress Close up of girl Young dancerSisters posing together Close up portrait of sistersSisters laughing at each otherheadshot of girl in pink dress girl in pink dress sitting black and white of girl portrait of girl in pink dress girl in pink dress sitting on crate dance pose of girl girl doing a dance jump

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