Dancing Queen {Williston Portrait Photography}


I couldn’t finish this project without Sarah! She is the leader, choreographer, and teacher to the amazing young ladies I’ve been featuring over the last several days. Sarah is such a great role model for the girls to look up to. She puts her all into teaching the girls not only to be great dancers, but also to treat each other and other dance companies with respect and to be kind and responsible.  She holds the girls to a high standard, and they reach high to meet it.  They do their own makeup, hair, stretch, organize and bring all dance gear, and work hard to be good human beings because of Sarah’s expectations of them. Sarah has been dancing for 27 years now and 23 of those years have been competitive! Her favorite vacation was to St Croix in the US Virgin Islands with her boyfriend Alex. She loved the energy of the people that lived there, the landscape, and the animals and little creatures they would find on the beach.  She tried new activities like riding ATV that she didn’t expect to like but did!  Something you may not know about Sarah is that she has sensory issues with the energy certain colors and clothing give off. A perfect Saturday for Sarah would be baking some delicious treats and sharing them with her friends at the lake while enjoying the sunshine! Woman purple shirt headshotWoman in purple shirt laughing Woman looking down Group in black leotards Group of girls posingBlack and white of women portrait Women in purple top looking away Women in purple shirt portrait

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