You Should be Dancing {Williston Portrait Photography}


Hello, Lexi Loomer! Lexi has been dancing for 9 years now and has been part of the competition team for 4 of those years. Lexi’s a perfect example of perseverance and dedication, and her love for the sport of dance is evident to everyone who knows her!  When she’s not dancing, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and taking road trips. Her favorite road trip to date was to Wyoming. She loves how different the landscape is there. Lexi’s favorite vacation was one she took to Washington DC; it was part of a leadership program and she appreciates the great opportunity she was given to go. An unusual fact about Lexi is that her chin is shaped like a hook. Lexi’s perfect Saturday would be spent hanging out with her friends. black and white teen portraitTeen girl laying on blanket Black and white head shot Teen girl squatting Teen girl full body on blanket Close up teen girl Black and white of teen girl Teen girl sitting on bench Dance jumpHeadshot of teen girl Teen girl in the badlands Teen girl squatting pose Teen girl portrait Teen girl standing in badlands Teen dancing

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