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So, you have your branding photos in your hot little hand… now what? As a brand photographer serving Williston, ND and beyond, I’ve seen (and encouraged) some very unique utilizations for the galleries once delivered.  Here’s the thing:  brand photos are an investment because they’re multipurpose. The possibilities are endless, but these 17 ways to use branding photos should get you started down the path of really leveraging your brand to stand out online and in “real” life.

A collage of three photos shows a brunette woman in jeans, a pink tank, and a white blazer in a natural light studio in downtown Williston, North Dakota.

Using Brand Photos on Social Media

Take a moment to pause and think about how many times you’ve been influenced to buy a product or invest in a service because you saw it on social media.  Now, imagine that you’re leveraging your brand’s social media to that extent.  How many times have you used a stock image for a post since you established your business?  You’re going to take your brand photos and use those instead. This not only tells your audience your brand story, it gives you a cohesive presence across platforms that makes you instantly recognizable! Here are six ideas you can use as soon as you receive your gallery!

  1. Reels covers
  2. Instagram stories
  3. Static/feed posts and carousels
  4. Profile pictures
  5. Facebook covers
  6. Pinterest graphics 

Personalizing Your Marketing Materials

Set yourself apart in this digital world with something tangible for your clients and potential customers through printed marketing materials!  If you’re networking at events, imagine the power of having your personalized business cards to hand out to clients or new colleagues. This is especially helpful for those who are better with faces than names.  Put your best face forward with your professional branding images on a beautifully designed card or brochure!  At the same time, you probably already have systems in place through a CRM.  Why not elevate your clients’ experience with your processes by making them personalized? 

  1. Brochures 
  2. Workflows in your CRM
  3. Business cards
  4. Landing pages for special sales or promotions
  5. Newsletters (never underestimate the power of a solid mailing list!)
  6. Blogs 
  7. Speaking events (think speaker bios or promotions for the event)
  8. Email signatures 
  9. Google business profile
  10. Educational materials and guides for future clients
Photos depict a branding session with a photographer during a Destin, FL retreat including ND Branding photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Level Up Your Website with Branding Photos

Perhaps the most important way to implement branding photos is through updating your website, so it gets its own paragraph.  Not only are you able to eliminate the stock photos I mentioned earlier, but you’re also able to use your website as your digital calling card for potential clients who may have found you through Google.  Often, your website is the first impression you make when a customer is looking for someone in your industry.  Personalized branding photos instantly add credibility and authenticity.  Remember, you are your brand, and your clients are connecting with you just as much as whatever you’re selling. 

North Dakota Realtor Sarah Schroeder is pictured in a natural light studio in Williston during a branding session with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Branding photos are an amazing investment into your business, no matter how you choose to use them!  If you’ve been waiting to book your own session, what’s stopping you?  You could have a completely personalized brand for the world to see, you’re just one afternoon away!  If you’re curious, check out my investment guide here, and feel free to see examples of some of the past branding sessions I’ve done in the blogs listed below. Don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest for inspiration, branding session wardrobe ideas, & more!

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