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Katie Shannon, founder of Williston mental health practice, ConnectUs Therapy, is photographed next to the sign at the front of her business wearing a white, flowy blouse and professional black pants during a branding photoshoot with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Next up in my North Dakota woman owned business series is, Katie Shannon of ConnectUs Therapy, a Williston Mental Health Practice.  As a mental health provider, Katie is someone who prioritizes self-care and knows the importance of grace as a mother and business owner.  I was thrilled to get to photograph her and pick her brain about how she built her practice.

ConnectUs Therapy

Katie founded ConnectUs Therapy in 2014 and learned that small business owners don’t have to know everything all at once.  Her I do it because I can attitude led to tremendous growth within her business since its start.  She began as a private practice for the flexibility she needed for her kids.  After a few years, however, the practice took off.

In 2021, Williams County announced an available grant with the goal to expand behavioral health services for the area. Katie decided on a whim to apply for it and it paid off tenfold. She heard the news over the radio that she was selected as a grant recipient and reacted with total surprise! Thanks to her passion for mental health (and the help of the grant) Katie has since expanded her solo practice to a team of 13 with a satellite office in Tioga. 

Katie Shannon of ConnectUs Therapy is photographed holding a white clutch that reads "Support women owned businesses" in her Williston office during a brand session with Kellie Rochelle Photography as part of a woman owned business series by the ND photographer.

Williams County Behavioral Health

ConnectUs has become an epicenter in Williams County for all things mental health.  Katie’s staff consists of providers who specialize in individual therapy, group therapy, sports physicals, medication assisted therapy, first responder services, and medication management with their on site nurse practitioner.  “We are wired for connection and healed through connection.  At the very root of our souls we have a deep desire for connectedness; we try to help decrease barriers to connectedness with self and others.” Katie said of her Williston-based therapy practice.

Williston, ND mental health therapist, Katie Shannon, is pictured wearing black pants and a white blouse seated on the floor of her practice office holding a white mug that reads, "Keep talking, I'm diagnosing you."

Mental Health & Motherhood in North Dakota

A dual location mental health practice is no small undertaking! Katie was more than willing to talk about all of the moving parts that make it possible.  Her husband of 21 years, Rob, supports her passion for her field and takes an active role in taxiing her three children (Keira, Kane & Quinn) wherever they need to be.  Completely relatable, right moms?  Finding balance between motherhood and mental health provider has been more like a pendulum for Katie. “Sometimes my kids need more of me and sometimes my work needs more of me; being perfectly balanced everyday is impossible, so I give myself a lot of grace.” 

Natural light filtered through the window of her Williston mental health practice illuminates Katie Shannon of ConnectUs Therapy as she is seated at her wooden desk before her laptop, holding a white mug.

Williston Leadership Award Winner

Katie prioritized mental health accessibility for the Williston, ND area . This didn’t go unnoticed and contributed to one of her biggest accomplishments in her business. She received the 2022 Williston Leadership Award presented bythe Williston Area Chamber of Commerce.  ConnectUs Therapy currently specializes in Trauma Informed Care, including substance abuse treatment, but she hopes to create more space for service expansion in the future.  If you or a loved one could benefit from Katie’s team’s compassion and expertise, you can reach out by phone, social media, or via website.  Katie told me, “Menty B’s are my specialty!” Who couldn’t benefit from that?!

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