Kennedy’s Senior Sessions {Williston Family Photographer}


Because her mom and I have been best friends since the 5th grade, I have know Kennedy since she was born. Her mom and I grew up together, and now our kids our growing up together. Kennedy knew that she wanted sunflowers in her pictures, so the search was on to find some. I asked other photographers in town if they knew of any locations and talked to my dad to have him on the look out while he drove to work (about 90 minutes away).  As you can see, he was successful in the search and it turned out to be an amazing senior session! Nearby was a spot I wanted to use with water.  Normally there are large rocks to use, but the water was so high this year that you couldn’t even see the rocks! Drift wood was all over the beach though, so we utilized that to give the shots some texture. The second location Kennedy decided she wanted to have was the Badlands. We were half way there when I got a text from Kennedy that she forgot her dress and had to run back for it. Her mom, Mandy, hurried and we only lost 20 minutes, still allowing us plenty of time for everything we wanted to do. Both sessions had amazing results and culling the picture down wasn’t easy! Here’s a few questions I had Kennedy answer. It’s always so fun to learn a little more about my seniors (even the ones I’ve known forever). 

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Hangout with friends and spend time with family
What does a typical weekday look like for you?School for 6 hours then homework for another 2 hours
Top 3 favorite songs right now:Any by Cardi B, Florida Georgia Line, and Nicki M.
Favorite Dessert Ice cream
Nickname: Ken
Favorite Website: Pacsun
Dream Job: Surgeon
Biggest accomplishment in school so far: Honor roll
Unusual talent I have: Good at history
Favorite place on Earth: The beach
Person I would love to meet: Anyone famous
Favorite thing in my closet: Everything
Favorite brand: Michel kors
3 things I can’t live without:Phone, friends, family
Something I always have in my purse/wallet/pocket: Sunglasses
Favorite App on my phone: Snapchat
My goals after high school:College
My hobbies: Babysitting, baking
My friends would describe me as: Outspoken, outgoing, short

Portrait with sunflower senior girl on bench black and white in sunflowers Senior in orange jumpsuit arm above head Senior girl in the badlands hand on hips portrait detail shot in senior shoot wide angle of the badlands Senior girl on plaid blanket Senior girl on chair with white smoke hair flip in the sunflowers senior laying in the road Burgundy hat on senior girl Detail shot of Kennedy Senior girl in gold dress Senior girl on drift wood serious portrait of senior girl Black and white senior girl wide angle with water in it

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