Something Wonderful {Williston Family Photographer}


Being a family means being part of something wonderful, it means you will love and be loved by someone for the rest of your life, no matter what.  ~Author unknownI was so honored to be asked by my friend and fellow photographer, Megan, to capture her family. You see, this wasn’t an ordinary family session, but one to announce the adoption of their two youngest children. They were finally able to give them their last name and legally call them their own. Megan and Tyler have raised them since they were babies and in every sense they were already part of the family, all that was left was finalizing the adoption.Originally they had picked the American Legion park as the location for the photo shoot, but it was closed so we headed to my favorite badlands location. It was a hot summer night and the breeze was lacking. They were all troopers and braved the heat with me. I hope looking at these pictures you can feel the love they all have for one another because that is the most beautiful part of taking these!

Being asked to capture these forever memories is beyond humbling. Megan and Tyler and their family have provided a loving home for these two sweet little kids and because of this special photo shoot, they will forever be able to look back on the day they started their forever family.

Wonderful family interaction couples close up mom and daughter together toddler smiling girl smelling a flower dad and daughter together brotherly love Family picture in badlands girl with bright blue sky couple embracing brother and sister love brother and sister on a rock Brother and sister love boy squatting down Girl sitting in a field boy sitting in a field family holding family letters

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