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In home family session of family playing board games, piano, laughing in bed in Williston, North Dakota.

In-Home Sessions Are A Must-Try

What is an in-home session? It’s as simple as shooting your photography session in your home versus traveling to a different shooting location or studio. In-home sessions can be done with virtually any session type! A newborn, couples or family session can all be photographed in-home. Let’s dive into some reasons why you should consider an in-home session!

In-Home Sessions Are Cozier

In-home sessions have a level of comfort and security that you just don’t get when driving to a new location to capture your photos. You are familiar with the space and don’t feel so out of your element when having your photos taken. In the peace of your own home, you experience a quieter atmosphere free of the public. This is a wonderful environment especially for newborn sessions as babies feel the safest at home and won’t be woken up by the noise of a more public location.

In home newborn session in nursery for baby girl in Williston, North Dakota.

In-Home Sessions Are More Intimate

In-home sessions are done in the privacy of your own space. So if taking photos in a public setting makes you uncomfortable, an in-home session would eliminate that! In-home sessions capture close up, intimate moments that you’ll cherish forever. With just us present, we can focus on capturing the best images possible without any interference.

In-Home Sessions Are Less Stressful

If you’ve ever traveled to a session, you may have experienced rushing out the door to arrive on time. You may have worried over the weather or humidity, wondering if it could ruin your hair or cause a rescheduled session due to rain. These aren’t issues with an in-home session. You are more in control of the session and the stress of rushing out the door or worrying over the weather is gone!

In home newborn session for baby boy in the nursery in Williston North Dakota

In-Home Sessions Are More Meaningful

Home is an important place. The first home you and a spouse live in during early years of marriage, the home you bring a newborn baby into and the home you grow your family in all have special places in your heart. Moves happen and you may not always be at the home you’re currently in. Having an in-home session documents important milestones that happen in your home. If you ever move or when your children are grown and living under a different roof, having photos taken at home are incredibly meaningful to look back on.

Book An In-Home Session

Have I convinced you yet? In-home sessions are fun, intimate and incredibly meaningful. You will never regret having these precious memories in your favorite place captured and frozen in time. If you are interested in booking an in-home session with me or are curious about learning more, send me an inquiry and we will get your session booked!

In home family session cuddled on the couch in Williston, North Dakota.

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