Why I Love In-Home Newborn Sessions


There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. That season of motherhood goes by so quickly. Packing away those precious newborn onesies is always a bittersweet task. That’s why I love capturing in-home newborn sessions! They press pause on that season of life and turn it into an album that you can cherish forever. I’m a lifestyle photographer, meaning that I value unscripted moments that feel more natural and less posed. As a lifestyle photographer, I prefer in-home newborn sessions over traditional studio sessions for many reasons.

Mom kissing newborn baby girl in nursery for in home newborn session in North Dakota.

In-Home Newborn Sessions Are More Authentic

Don’t get me wrong, I love the work of many photographers who offer studio newborn sessions. The styled props and baby clothes are so adorable! But there is just something extra special about capturing your baby in their own environment. Having photos of your sweet little babe in the nursery you designed especially for them isn’t something you’ll regret. They outgrow their nurseries and before long you’ll be upgrading them to big kid rooms. With an in-home newborn session, you will have photos of you holding your sweet babe in the rocking chair you nurse them in every day. You’ll have photos of them in the crib you lay them into every night. There’s something beautifully authentic about those types of images.

Mom holding newborn baby boy for in home newborn photos in North Dakota.

In-Home Newborn Sessions Are Less Stressful on Mom and Baby

When you’re a newly postpartum mama, the last thing you want to add to your plate is more stress. You are in the process of healing your body, adjusting to all of the changes that motherhood brings and caring for your little one with feedings, diaper changing and rocking to sleep that seems to be on repeat. It’s a lot and can be overwhelming. The thought of leaving your home can feel like too much and you don’t want to be rushing out the door for a photo session. An in-home newborn session allows you to stay put and lets your little one have their photos done in the space they are already familiar with. No new smells, lighting or car rides will disturb them.

Mom rocking baby girl for in home newborn session in North Dakota.

In-Home Newborn Sessions Are More Sentimental

Whether it’s photos of that quilt your grandmother made for your sweet little one or their first stuffed animal, in-home newborn sessions can capture the sentimental items you use for your baby everyday. Home is such a special place. Especially the home you bring a newborn baby into. You may not always live in this home and having professional images of your family in that space are photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Mom and dad holding newborn baby boy in nursery for in home newborn session in North Dakota.

There are many reasons to book an in-home newborn session. Most importantly, to capture this very precious season of life with your baby. As the saying goes, “babies don’t keep.” They grow quicker than you can process and photos show just how much they change as they grow into the person they’re meant to be. You’ll never regret investing in your memories. Contact me today to book an in-home newborn session with me! I can’t wait to capture you and your little one in your favorite place to be.

Mom and dad cuddle with baby girl for in home newborn session in North Dakota.

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