Why Are Digital Files Pricey?

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One of the most common questions I get from clients is, “Why do digital files cost more? If I buy a print, why can’t I have the digital copy too?”

I get it!  You’re making an investment and spending hard-earned money, and you want to know the details.  I’m no gatekeeper and I’m happy to explain.

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What exactly am I paying for?

When you schedule a session with me, you’re purchasing a chunk of my time, but you’re getting so much more.  The shoots themselves aren’t the most time-consuming task involved in photography.  The real work lies in editing and the images themselves.  

My years of experience and expensive workshops contribute to the finished product. I’ve invested in honing my craft and like anyone else with a business, I want to see a return on my investments!

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Why is digital more costly?

When you buy a digital file, the potential is infinite.  You may decide to create a holiday card, a graduation announcement, or purchase a canvas to gift a loved one.  You may frame a photo from your maternity session to hang on your living room wall. Your engagement photos may be front & center at your wedding shower. The possibilities are endless with a digital file!  

Let’s think of it like a tv show.  Actors who appeared in sitcoms 30 years ago are still being paid each time an episode airs.  With a digital file, you have the option of printing your own copy of my work years from now but I’m only paid once.

Because of this, digital files are a little more pricey.  

Is it worth it to buy prints?

This isn’t to say that there isn’t value in printing your photos, because there is!   Many times, clients have the best of intentions to print a digital file, but then they end up collecting dust in a computer file instead.  So, yes!  Print and print often!

When you buy a print with me, you can rest assured that the quality you see on your screen remains intact.  With a trusted printer, the photos themselves are higher quality.  The colors remain true to what you see in your gallery and you maintain the integrity of the work.

At the end of the day, I want you to make the purchase that best suits your needs for your family and I’m honored that you’ve chosen me to capture such precious memories!

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