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If you have ever heard local photographers talking about a Client Closet you may have wondered, “What is a Client Closet?” A client closet is simply a wardrobe of dresses, outfits and accessories that photographer’s provide for their clients to choose from to wear during their session. A Client Closet is a service that I provide for my own clients and I highly encourage them to use it! There are multiple reasons why you should take full advantage of my Client Closet if you book a session with me!

Mother wearing bright purple dress from client closet.

Less Stress Over Finding Something To Wear

One of the biggest concerns about booking a photography session is wondering what you and your family members will wear. Taking advantage of my Client Closet allows you to choose from a handful of options that will make styling your wardrobe for your upcoming session so much easier. My Client Closet is loaded with pieces that are sure to flatter every body type and make you feel beautiful! The pieces in my Client Closet also come in an array of cuts and colors so you can still showcase your personal style.

Save Money On Session Outfits

You have already made an investment in a high quality photography session. There is no need to spend even more money by purchasing new outfits you may only ever wear once! By taking advantage of the pieces I offer in my Client Closet, you save money and look incredible for your session!

Mother and daughter in maroon and mustard dresses from client closet.

Client Closet Pieces Photograph Beautifully

Because I have personally curated my Client Closet for my clients, I have been very thoughtful about the pieces I purchase. The colors, fabrics, textures and cuts of the outfits are all flattering, visually interesting and photography beautifully on camera. By utilizing my Client Closet, there is no fear of a wardrobe malfunction or an worry over an outfit not photographing well.

Less Preparation Work For Your Session

If you choose to use a piece from my Client Closet, there is far less prep work on your end when getting ready for your session. I ensure that my pieces are clean, steamed and photo ready! All you have to do is show up looking amazing and put them on!

There are so many reasons why I love providing a Client Closet! I know these pieces will help my clients feel amazing and fall even more in love with their session. It is so important to me that every step of the process in a photography session is stress free and fun. A Client Closet is a wonderful way to ease some of the stress of prepping for a session and it makes the final results turn out beautifully in the final images! If you book a session with me, ask about my using a piece from my Client Closet and I will help you find something you’ll love!

Client Closet Pieces

Here are some current options I offer in my Client Closet. Over time these pieces will change and evolve as I remove older pieces and add in new styles. There is something for everyone!

White dresses in client closet.

White and pink dresses in client closet.

Burgundy dresses in client closet.

Earth toned dresses in client closet.

Blue and purple dresses in client closet.

Blue dresses in client closet.

Girl's dresses in client closet.

Girl's dresses in client closet.

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