The Perks of In-Home Sessions


Now that winter is upon us with its frigid temps and snow, outdoor sessions aren’t impossible but can be very unpleasant.  Allow me to introduce you to the solution: in-home sessions!  That’s not to say that winter is the only time these are appropriate and there are tons of perks to in-home sessions that tend to go overlooked.

A North Dakota family hangs out in their living room with their children and Golden Retriever during an in-home family session with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Perfect for Newborn Sessions

If ever there was a time for in-home sessions, it’s newborn photos!  Convenience is key when little ones come into the picture and any parent will tell you the same.  With in-home sessions, there’s no need to pack a diaper bag with back-up outfits for baby (or parents, for that matter) or prepare bottles.  Even better, there’s no need to lug the baby and carseat around in frigid winter weather.  Naps go uninterrupted and everyone is at ease in the comfort of their own home.  Everyone wins!

A newborn is snuggled by grandparents and mother during an in-home newborn photography session in their North Dakota homes.

We’ve all heard, “The nights are long but the days are short,” in reference to how quickly babies grow, and that cliché exists for a reason.  Those first days at home with a newborn can go by in a blur, and before you know it, the nights of rocking your little one in their dimly lit nursery is just a memory.  Photographing these sweet moments in your family’s natural element makes them that much more special. 

A young couple feed and cuddle with their newborn baby during a winter in-home newborn photography session.

A dark haired mother and bearded father feed and snuggle their dark-haired newborn baby in his neutral nursery.

Candid Family Sessions

Not only is it a privilege to be invited into client homes, the photos are candid and cozy.  During these shoots, I’m essentially a fly on the wall as you and your family go about your day.  Maybe you want to play a board game together or your kids play with their favorite toys in their rooms.  Perhaps baking is your thing or your home is filled with laughter from a tickle fight that has ensued.  There’s so much glory to be found in ordinary, everyday life with the people you love most and in-home sessions are a great way to showcase that.

A grandmother in a festive, red sweatshirt decorates Christmas cookies with her three grandsons wearing cookie pajamas during an in-home family session with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Convenient and Predictable

Is it hot and humid outside?  Rain that wasn’t in the forecast has made an appearance?   With in-home sessions, the weather is never a concern.  There’s also no need to corral everyone out the door to make it to a location on time.  As an added bonus, the stress of coordinating the perfect wardrobe is eliminated.  

Everyone loves getting dressed to the nines from time to time, but most of us aren’t living our day-to-day lives that way.  These sessions are all about comfort, convenience, and life in real homes instead of polished, Pinterest-inspired perfection.  The end result is still beautiful photos of the people you love without the hassle!

Candid photos of a family of five during an photo session in their North Dakota home with Kellie Rochelle Photography.

A brunette couple play with their three young children, including bouncing on the living room furniture of their North Dakota home during an in-home family photo session.

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