Senior Travel Session – California


Planning the Trip of a Lifetime

Senior sessions are a right of passage for so many. With these photos, you’re documenting the closing of one chapter before they move onto the next big thing life has in store for them! Why not add in one last hurrah before their cap & gown, and give them memories that will last a lifetime?

At least, this was the thought behind planning a California travel session with my own daughter and two of her closest friends earlier this year. We made the arrangements in advance which even included wardrobe. I shared the itinerary with everyone on an exclusive access page on my website so that everyone was in the loop well in advance. Needless to say, it paid off!

Senior girls pose at a mural in San Diego during a California travel session

North Dakota to California

We left Williston, North Dakota early on June 5th and we arrived in California later that morning. The next few days were full of pampering, fun, and photos to celebrate their upcoming graduation. I want to note that our California travel session was more extensive than those to come. We visited a few cities from San Diego to La Jolla and saw some incredible landmarks along the way.

Three young women stroll at a cross walk in San Diego California

Joshua Tree

The sunrise session we had at Joshua Tree provided a beautiful backdrop. Aren’t those silhouette shots gorgeous with the sunrise in the background? After such an early start to the day, the girls were eager to be able to relax and hang out with each other. We stayed at this great little Air BNB that came equipped with a pool and foosball table which proved to be a ton of fun (and made for great candid shots!) The backyard was even better and we decided to get photos with confetti and bubbles which the girls had a blast doing. The house had these great murals painted on the interior walls as well; it was like there was a photo op at every turn!

Three teenagers play foosball and pool in an Air BNB located in Joshua Tree California

Backyard photo shoot in Joshua Tree California with three girls jumping in confetti.

Sunrise photo session at Joshua Tree in California

Glamis Sand Dunes

If fun and friendship was the theme at Joshua Tree, glamor was the goal for Glamis Sand Dunes. I got some of my favorite shots from the entire trip at this one! This day started at 3AM so that we could make it to the site in time for blue hour at the dunes, but it was totally worth the lack of sleep. I incorporated flowy scarves and a disco ball which really reflected that great morning light. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was a perfect 75 degrees and we had just enough breeze to create movement in the dresses the girls chose. I did manage to lose a pair of flip flops while we were there, but it was a small price to pay for memories and unique photos.

Three young women seated on the sand at Glamis Sand Dunes in California

Three young women in flowing dresses pose at Glamis Sand Dunes at sunrise with a disco ball and scarves

Travel Session Wrap-Up

By the time we wrapped up and headed back to North Dakota, I had a gallery full of images and the girls left with memories to last a lifetime. This was such a fulfilling trip for both me and the girls! I knew instantly that I wanted to offer more of these in the years to come. This get away was for seniors, but I highly recommend travel sessions for families and milestone birthdays as well!

Three high school senior girls pose in front of a brightly colored mural in Joshua Tree California and on the sand in Glamis Sand Dunes

La Jolla California beach side photo shoot with senior girls posing at a pier

Senior girls run along the tide at a beach in La Jolla California.

Three teenagers view menus at a high end restaurant in California

Young women in colorful dresses pose with their mothers overlooking a scenic rock formation in California

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