Product Credits


Something I pride myself on as a photographer is my inclusion of product credits with all of my photography packages.  Every session you book comes with a substantial amount of credit to use to purchase albums, prints, and more ordered directly through me!

Why Are Prints Important

Too often, clients schedule and pay for a session, find wardrobes for everyone, and work out the logistics of making the session happen all to just have the gallery collect dust in the cloud or on their computer.  By including product credits, I ensure that those images go to good use and my clients get more bang for their buck!

I also want to be sure that my clients are receiving nothing but the highest quality of products. Not all prints are created equally and there are several images available on a quick Google search to demonstrate the differences. Oftentimes you’ll notice significant color variations between your online gallery and what you receive from companies that aren’t strictly photo printers. When clients order products directly through me, they’re receiving nothing but the best and those images aren’t just sitting around waiting to be used.  After all, that’s the point of photos in the first place isn’t it?

What’s Included

My clients have tons of options when it comes to cashing in those product credits!  Some of those choices include metal prints, acrylic prints,, matted picture frames, ornaments, calendars, traditional prints, canvases, acrylic blocks, standout prints, and more!  These products are items you can use time and time again, not just to adorn your home but as decor.  Picture using your senior’s photos as decor for a graduation party.  Newly engaged couples can use their engagement session printed items at both wedding showers and during their reception to add an extra-personal touch.  Nothing is sweeter than showing how your baby has grown from a tiny newborn into the toddler they’re becoming with photos at their 1st birthday party.  The possibilities are endless! 

When you schedule with me, you’re making an investment that goes well beyond the scheduled shoot.  Heirloom quality photos are the gift that keep on giving, and perfect at every stage of life! 

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