Oregon Senior Travel Session 2024

 Portland Oregon Senior Travel Session

Summer of 2024

Flight Options:

car rental – Alamo

AIRBNB Options: Link for more info on them here

Oregon has 11 national forests, 21 national wildlife refuges, a national scenic area, and a national grassland. There is just so much wilderness to explore! Whether you’re exploring the forests and waterfalls at the Columbia River Gorge or admiring the incredible views from the cliffs of Mount Hood, Oregon is truly a beautiful state.

Average temperature in June is 64 F

Estimated Cost based on today’s findings & assuming 3 families are splitting the cost for house & SUV (8/19/23):

Flight 700-940 per person

SUV 235 per family

Gas 100 per family

AIRBNB 307-534

Food 75 per person per day (so for 2 people for 5 days 750)

Totals: 2792- 3499 (this is without the cost of any expeditions or for fees to go to the parks)