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Booking Travel Sessions as a Group with North Dakota Based Lifestyle Travel Photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography

Some of the best experiences in life are meant to be shared. This group travel photography session was no exception!  Last year, I headed to California with a group of three senior girls for the trip of a lifetime to celebrate their final year of high school.  We hit up several locations for photos, ate at some amazing restaurants, and had tons of adventures along the way!  I can’t recommend it enough.

Travel Photography Session: How does it work?

When it comes to a group travel photography session, my mom (who is my second shooter) and I tag team. (We sort of treat each location like mini sessions).  We would each photograph someone for 10 minutes or so and approached it sort of like a round robin.  Two of the girls would be photographed while the third was changing or waiting her turn. We got loads of photos for each of their galleries!

Three high school seniors stand barefoot in the California sand wearing flowing dresses before a deep blue sky during their travel photography session.

Once we were satisfied with their individual shots, we tackled group photos.  These three have known each other for years, so we were able to showcase their friendships through these pictures.  Even when we weren’t on location, there were getting ready shots as well as the girls just enjoying their trip together when they weren’t playing foosball at the AirBNB!

Three senior girls play pool and foosball at their California AirBNB near Joshua Tree during a group travel session.

The Perks

Aside from the joy of traveling with your best friends in tow, there are definitely some perks to group sessions.  When it comes to divvying up the cost of lodging, cars, etc.  the more the merrier! By traveling with a larger group, we were able to visit more locations and extend our stay a bit. The cost was shared amongst the three families & that is a huge perk.

Teen girls browse the food options on the streets of New York City during a travel photography session celebrating a 16th birthday.

We visited San Diego, Joshua Tree, Glamis Sand Dunes, and chowed down at several great eateries when we weren’t busy exploring the California coast!  It essentially became the trip of a lifetime shared amongst friends with some truly epic galleries to show for it at the end.  These locations were stunning and I’m still so pleased with the photos we shot while we were there. 

A 16-year-old girl leans against the railing on a NYC sidewalk during a birthday trip photographed by Kellie Rochelle Photography.

The girls were able to celebrate their senior year in a way that will leave them with memories of the ultimate road trip and we sent them off into the world a little more well-traveled and cultured.  I’m a huge supporter of gifting your children experiences (especially through travel because I love it so much) over material items, and this trip proves the benefits!

I’ve got great locations planned for 2024 .  Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter for first dibs on those shoots and feel free to contact me with locations of your own!  If I can make it work with the schedule, we’ll be creating magic together in no time!

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