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Newborn & maternity

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Welcome note

Meet Kellie, a little background on your photographer

What happens next, now that you have booked

What to wear guide for newborn shoots

What to wear guide for maternity shoots

Location tips for your session

What to expect at your newborn session

What to expect at your maternity session

Pricing Guide for 2022




At Kellie Rochelle Photography, we believe everyone has a story.

A personal ‘footprint in time’ that must be captured visually to be shared, enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

It is our greatest privilege to become part of your daily life and preserve your ‘story’ in beautiful images.

Whether documenting the arrival of your newborn child, the bonds that bind your family or the romance of a couples session,

Kellie Rochelle Photography is known for skillfully, tastefully -perfectly – representing this moment in time.

Hello, I’m Kellie

Mother to seven kiddos, wife to one hard working oil fieldworker.
Sleep deprived, Diet Coke addict, and wannabe world traveler.
I look forward to getting to know you and your family soon.

A love of her own family and a passion for beautiful, candid images has taken Kellie on a life-long journey that began as a 10-year old with a camera in hand to that of a sought-aftervisual artist known for capturing timeless, stylish images.

Known for her relaxed, natural manner and ability to make even the most uncomfortable subject feel fabulous in front of the lens, Kellie’s success is built on her stunning images, strong interpersonal skills and a product offering sought after by her clients.

Kellie’s warmth and charm is endearing with many clients returning to her again and again to ensure those key moments in their lives are ‘preserved’ forever.
It is however her images that enchant – true objects of art that will be admired today and later cherished for decades to come.



You are booked in, deposit paid and your shoot date confirmed or newborn arrival penciled in, now you are wondering what the process is from here…

It’s time to plan what to wear, on the next pages I have given a few tips on how to plan your attire for your session.

Your session! The day before you can expect a text to confirm your session, make sure everyone is happy, healthy and ready to go. If you need to reschedule for any reason, I would love as much notice as possible however sometimes that is only a hour, yay for kids! This works both sides, I have kids and on occasion they are too sick to leave, I appreciate your ‘parent to parent’ understanding that life happens to us all.

After your session…

Is when I post a sneak peek on instagram or Facebook (if you approved it) as I am sure you are dying to see your photos.

Approximately 3 weeks after your session, you will receive an email linking you to your personal, password protected online gallery – from here you can download the digital files (pictures) that you’ve purchased , share with friends & family as well as order any prints or wall art you might like for your home or gifts, these orders are sent directly to the lab and payment is due at ‘checkout’.

Your gallery will be online for around 3 months, however I do encourage you to download and save your session images to a USB or hard drive as soon as possible so you know they are safe.

I would love if you could share your positive experience with your family and friends, even a shout out on social media if your share your images would be appreciated, my business thrives on word of mouth bookings which is the biggest compliment.


Finding the perfect outfit for your session may take a little bit of work, but I have a great tool you can use! It is called Style & Select. You just put in sizes and the colors you want and it does the rest. You can actually purchase the items or just use it for some ideas to look for.

general tips for families and couples

Coordinate your outfits by finding a color palette you love and finding pieces that compliment one another. Avoid matchy-matchy and black as your main color. Soft, muted colors and neutral colors look great for my style of photography and in particular newborn sessions, please avoid bright/neon hues.

When it comes to patterns, a good rule of thumb is have one or two patterned outfit for every three people included in the session. Floral prints, polka dots, plaids work great! Also, avoid large logos or licensed clothing.

Client Closet

An added perk to booking your session with me is access to my client closet. I am slowly growing it and have several bump friendly dress options! Here are a few dresses and hats from my closet.


1. Have a handful of wraps and simple outfits on hand.

2. Bare feet for the whole family is ideal as we almost always end up on your bed (as that’s usually a room with great light).

3. Keep in mind any items that are personal to you that you might wish to include in your newborns session- a knitted blanket from Gran, a teddy from newly appointed big sister.

4. Have your bed made, a neutral or block colour cover works well and helps your family and baby stay the focus.


All the ‘rules’ of dressing your family outlined above still apply plus a few more details to consider…

1. Avoid trends. You don’t want to look back in 20 years thinking “why was I wearing that?!” because something is now out of style. That’s why I prefer just wearing a simple flowy dress, or jeans and a cute top.

2. Layer and add accessories with a hat, necklace, jacket, scarf or a belt above your bump.

3. Tight fitted clothing or a dress that accentuates your bump it a must.

4. Be it neutral or pastel tones, block colour or bright patterns, let your outfit speak your personality. It is important to feel as much like ‘you’ as possible.

5. When possible I will ask you to be barefoot, but it’s not always possible. If you need to wear shoes, remember that you’ll want your shoes to be comfortable as we move around a lot.


where will we shoot?

Newborn Sessions:

99% of newborn sessions are in-home, here are a few tips:
Pay attention to the light in your home right after booking, that way we can find the best time of day to shoot. If your house is bright most of the day, I usually suggest morning sessions for happiest newborns and older siblings.

Have the room(s) we will shoot in clean. This doesn’t mean have your whole house clean, just have the rooms we shoot in tidied…the more uncluttered the better-unless you want that!

Maternity Sessions:

The first thing to remember when it comes to picking a location for your maternity session is figuring out the vibe you want. Do you want to go on an adventure or have a quiet snuggle session at home? Do you want to splash around at the beach or frolic in the fields? When you know the vibe and style you want, that makes it easier to narrow down your location choices.

If you have older children then my advice to you is pick something your kids will enjoy. The more excited they are by their surroundings, the happier they will be. If they don’t particularly like getting wet, then maybe the beach isn’t the right place for you. If they love throwing rocks into water (what kid doesn’t?!) then we can find a cute creek! The key is finding somewhere that is interesting enough to keep them happy!


newborn sessions

My aim for each and every session is to create a relaxed, friendly environment for everyone, when I arrive I will have a quick look around to decide where the best light is and formulate my plan for the session, if there are older siblings I will spend a bit of time getting to know them, I want them to feel comfortable with me and make them feel as if it is completely normal that I am there. This often looks like me asking them to show me their new baby or asking them to show off their bedroom.

I love creating warm, fun photos filled with love. All you need to be is open, and from here I can capture those moments. Bring your happiest mood to add some zing to your photos. Be prepared. The best shoots are always the ones where parents are stress-free and in good spirits.

Having everyone ready before I arrive helps alleviate stress for you. As best you can, it helps if children are well rested and fed! (obviously, life can get in the way – should they be cranky, hungry and tired – I can work with that!), if like usual you have left yourself getting ready to last, I will happily start with photos of bub while your do your final touches.

As newborns are unpredictable, there will be plenty of time to feed, change and settle, sometimes I don’t stop snapping away and often those ‘in-between’ moments make the cut as a great real life memory of life with a newborn.

It is really important to be ready for me to come to your house on time. We are booking your session according to the light so we may be limited, especially in home, it is very important to start on time. It’s best to plan to arrive early.

A final note: There are many reasons to book an in-home newborn session. Most importantly, to capture this very precious season of life with your baby. As the saying goes, “babies don’t keep.” They grow quicker than you can process and photos show just how much they change as they grow into the person they’re meant to be. You’ll never regret investing in your memories. Contact me today to book an in-home newborn session with me!

I can’t wait to capture you and your little one in your favorite place to be.


maternity sessions

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This really is such an exciting time, especially if this is your first baby. I view maternity sessions as a time to celebrate the now before life drastically changes, be it a couple becoming 3, or adding to your growing clan, it’s so great to capture and celebrate the family before it grows.

Maternity sessions with me are relaxed and fun, if we are out on location I like to move around for a variety of backdrops and poses. You are welcome to bring a change of outfit or two for if timing permits.

If you have older children, there is no need to tell them to smile – just be positive and excited about the shoot and leave the rest to me!

Be yourself! Remember, these are pictures of you so don’t try to be like that person from Pinterest. We will try a number of shots and not all of them will turn out and that’s okay. The ones that do turn out will be the most natural and beautiful versions of you and your family!

It is really important to arrive on time, or be ready for me to arrive to your home on time. We are booking your session according to the light so we may be limited, especially for sunset sessions, it is very important to start on time. It’s best to plan to arrive early.

I can’t wait to capture your growing belly and growing family!



How long is the photo shoot?

Maternity sessions are usually one hour. Newborn sessions I allow two hours, leaving plenty of time for feeding and settling throughout.

Can you do those nude curled up newborn shots?

Sorry no, as sweet as it is that style of posed newborn photography is not my style.

What if the weather Gods aren’t on our side?

If it is wet and soggy, we will reschedule. If it is hot, we will find some shade. If it is overcast but dry, we will go ahead as some of my favourite sessions have taken place on cloudy days.

What should we bring? (On location)

Treats for the kiddies (bribery perhaps?), a beautiful blanket, water, your little ones favourite toy….. a relaxed and positive vibe.

Can our beloved dog be involved?

Absolutely! Fur babies are most welcome. If you bring your pup along on loaction, make sure they get some brisk exercise before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot.

What if we are sick?

If you’re sick, we reschedule! Simple as that. Working with children I have come to expect that last minute texts or calls will occasionally happen. We want this to be a 1000% positive experience, so there’s no need to force it if anyone is unwell.

How and when do we get our photos?

Approximately 3 (up to 5 in the fall) weeks after your session your photos will be available for viewing, downloading and ordering via your own private online gallery. You will be provided with a username and password to log in and select the images to be printed for your included package and any extras you may wish to purchase.
Once your order is placed I will send you a confirmation email along with your invoice, orders will not be fulfilled until the invoice is paid in full.

Past Clients

The Pictures are beautiful Kellie. I see the beauty in my kids smile everyday… but I don’t always see it in myself, yet u managed to make me look and feel more confident about myself , than I have in years…. I Love you and respect your work so much. You are an amazing photographer.

My family has had Kellie take our family photos for the last 4 years now, and every year my kids are so excited for our picture day!! With 5 kids and 2 dogs you would think it would be chaos, but Kellie is amazing and some how we have so many pictures I can never choose which ones I want! She is so prepared with locations, picture poses, props, & blankets-we always pick a cold day! We love to look back a the photo albums that we have of the past years and see how much everyone has grown!!.

The Pictures are beautiful Kellie. I see the beauty in my kids smile everyday… but I don’t always see it in myself, yet u managed to make me look and feel more confident about myself , than I have in years…. I Love you and respect your work so much. You are an amazing photographer.

We had a maternity session booked with Kellie and it was hands down one of the most easy going sessions we have had! She captured the most genuine and candid moments of our evening and we are in love with the shots she took! I would highly recommend Kellie Rochelle Photography.

Kellie was amazing from the start. She offered help with figuring out wardrobes, communicated frequently before the session and made us feel so relaxed! We enjoyed visiting, playing, and dancing all while she captured some amazing shots. I was also very impressed with how fas we recieved our photos!! An all around amazing experience! Kellie has a great talent and does a wonderful

job capturing beautiful and natural moments.