A Mother-Son Trip to New York City


North Dakota photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography, is pictured with her two teen sons leaned against an ornate barrier during a trip to NYC.

As a mother of seven, it can be difficult to squeeze in one-on-one time with my kids on a regular basis.  My solution?  For special occasions and when hectic sports schedules allow for it, I plan getaways for just the two of us (and usually my mom or a friend in tow!)  If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you know that travel is my love language and I will always preach the importance of giving kids experiences over material things.  

A collage of photos taken by travel photographer, Kellie Rochelle Photography, shows sight seeing adventures during a mother son trip to New York City.

Last year, my oldest daughter, Isabel, and I traveled from coast to coast to celebrate her senior year and soak up that special time together before her graduation.  Most recently, my son, Luke and I headed to NYC for a trip with my mom. My oldest son, Drew, was able to join us at the last minute and we had a blast.  Luke doesn’t turn 15 until December, but we had a rare lull in our normally busy schedules and I’ve learned to seize opportunities when I can. This was a perfect bonding experience with my sons!  

Two teen boys are pictured seated near the John Lennon memorial in NYC along with subway photos and a Real New York tour session.

NYC Getaway

We flew into Minneapolis on the early 6AM flight to LaGuardian airport close to 2PM and took a Lyft to Hotel Beacon.  Our original booking didn’t pan out so we were upgraded!  We ended up with a room on the 24th floor with a king bed, queen pullout couch & trundle.  We loved it! It was just two short blocks away from Central Park, and a short walk from the subway, a market, and Starbucks.  

A mother and her two sons enjoy a getaway to New York City and tour Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum after lunch.

Eating out in NYC gets pricey pretty quickly, so we bought groceries for breakfast & to have snacks and drinks in the room, which helped keep the cost down. This is one of my favorite tips for traveling with my family so that we can spend on the things we really want to do instead of overpriced snacks.  (Side note- you can get a free download of my 9 best family travel tips when you subscribe to my newsletter!)  

Must See New York Attractions

Instead, we were able to invest in a full New York experience with adventures like Real New York Tours, something I was able to experience with Isabel during our NYC trip last year for a 16th birthday travel session.  I knew it would be a hit again! This time, we toured Brooklyn and learned the history of the Brooklyn bridge which was really interesting. Francesca Russell, a photographer affiliated with Real Tours, has taken our photos twice before and again during this trip. I loved it because I got to be fully present with my boys while she snapped away to preserve our memories of this trip! We later took pedicab tours around Central park, an experience you just can’t skip.  When in Rome, you know?

A photographer, her mother, and two sons pose near a NYC fountain on an outing downtown and to Central Park.

Some of our favorite outings during the trip were to see the shows on broadway.  We saw A Beautiful Noise (the story of Neil Diamond) and Hamilton, and believe me when I say they live up to the hype! We had such a great time and really enjoyed seeing both of them.   The cherry on top of the NYC sundae for the boys was the Yankees vs. Mets game.

Photos depict two teen boys touring NYC with their North Dakota Photographer mother, exploring downtown architecture and Grand Central Station.

Drew joined us last minute because he plays baseball and we weren’t sure if he would be able to come along because of the schedule.  You can imagine how special it was to be able to attend a game with both of my sons, these are the moments that make these trips so special! 

Views of the New York City Architecture are shown during a summer getaway for a mother and two teen boys pictrued near a fountain and arches near Grand Central Station.

When it comes down to it, I know that I won’t get time back with my kids which is why I prioritize unforgettable trips and experiences when we can make them happen!  I snapped a ton of pictures during our stay so that we have memories to reminisce on for years to come and it was worth every penny and moment put into planning!

Teen brothers stand near a colorful painted mural in New York City while sight-seeing.

I don’t just travel with my family, though!  If you’re interested in scheduling your own unforgettable travel session with your own family, contact me here.  I’m already eager to hit the road again! 

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