7 Ways to Use Senior Photos


So, you’ve taken senior photos… now what?  Beyond just having a beautiful memento of this stage of your child’s life, senior photos can be used for so many great ideas!  These are a few of my favorite ways to use senior photos.

Graduation Announcements

What better way to announce your seniors accomplishments than with a graduation announcement featuring their favorite senior photo?  Use the same approach to invite family & friends to grad parties.  Showcase your senior’s achievements with a personal touch.

Two senior boys, one in a blue shirt next to a brick wall and one in a cowboy hat, along with a brunette girl near purple flowers, pose for their senior sessions.

Yearbook Photos

Most school yearbooks will allow, and often encourage, personalized senior photos apart from the set taken at school.  This gives your child the ability to publish a photo that highlights their personality and interests exactly the way they want to be remembered by classmates.  Senior year and graduation are such exciting but also bittersweet times in a teen’s life. Celebrate it accordingly!

Wallet Sized Prints for Classmates 

With most things being digital these days, this one is often forgotten. Wallet sized photos or even polaroid size/style prints can be a fun way for your senior to exchange photos with classmates as mementos of their time together.  Add them to your collection of keepsakes from the last 18 years for your senior to be able to look back on and reminisce on friendships and memories of their classmates!


Speaking of printing things, why not compile your senior’s photos into an album?  There are so many great online tools for compiling a scrapbook style album.  These take much less effort than scrapbooks of years past and come in beautifully bound covers with high quality paper.  I highly recommend this for all photos, not just senior sessions!

Graduation Party Decor

You can have so much fun with this one!  If you’re throwing your senior a graduation party, you can make the invitations and all of the decor personalized with your favorite shots from their senior session.  Make your guest of honor the focal point with photo garland, photo booth props, and more!

Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are a great way to be able to display tons of photos without having to print any!  For grad parties, you could include both senior photos as well as photos of your graduate through the years for guests to scroll through. I absolutely love these for Christmas gifts, or gifts in general really, for grandparents and family members.  The cool thing about them is that you can update the photos for the recipients all at once. Personally, I love this one. 

A senior swim photo with mountains in the background alongside two senior girls resting near trees in North Dakota.

Wall Art

Last but not least, use your photos to order canvases and wall art.  Canvases or framed prints make wonderful gifts for family members.  You can create a beautiful, updated gallery wall in your home to showcase your kids.  Home decor trends come and go, but photography of the people you love most never goes out of style. 

The possibilities are endless with senior photos.  Senior year is such an exciting time for teens right on the brink of adulthood at the great, big world at their disposal.  Celebrate this monumental occasion with a personal touch!  What would you add to the list?

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