5 Reasons I Ask Mom To Get In A Few Pictures During A Senior Session


  1. To capture this particular moment in time.


From the time our children are young, the wise moms of the world offer the fitting advice: “it goes by in the blink of an eye.” And it is so, so true. One minute your little one is toddling around, learning to walk, and the next minute you are looking at colleges and discussing possible majors. Okay maybe it’s not that fast, but you catch my drift. And for most of the years, us moms seem to be the ones capturing the moments. So when you’re preparing a slide show or a collage for your graduates open house, you find that you are in the least amount of pictures.

2. To recognize all the hard work & effort moms put in.


Moms are so busy doing All. The. Things. that it’s hard to slow down & just enjoy the moment. I like to show them in these pictures just how loved they are by their seniors! This photo is a celebration of all the hours of rides that you gave & late night projects that you helped with! They did not go unnoticed.

3. To have a picture of just the two of you.

The next time you get a picture together may not be until their wedding. Graduating high school is such a special event & these few pictures will be treasured years down the road.

4. To celebrate the special bond between a mother & her child.

Moms and their kiddos have a special bond that is different from any other. We’ve filled the role of nurturer when our children were sick or hurt, of grouch when they did things that weren’t up to our standards, and mentor when they watched us handle everything that was thrown at us. Having a photo to celebrate that special bond is something that we can keep with us and look at when our kid has gone off to college!

5. To put in their first dorm or apartment.

The first year living away from home is a big adjustment. Having a special photo like this is a nice reminder that mom will always be there when needed!

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