I finally have a day that I can sit down and work on a blog post. I’ve been meaning to get this one done since I took the pictures last Fall!  This shoot was the first time I photographed the Hart family, and we decided on an urban setting. As an added perk of my job, I get to learn more about my clients and sometimes even make new friends! In fact, since these pictures, we have spent time together socially, as my husband and Beau work together.Beau and Booba’s (Angela) relationship could have been the script of a Lifetime movie. He was an offensive lineman for the Montana Grizzlies, and she was the lead singer in an acoustic rock band. Every time we go out, I hear another story from their past and love them a little more.Booba got her nickname from her dad; he was in India when she was born, and when her mom called him to say she was born, he said, “We should name her Booba!” They later found out that in Hebrew its means “baby doll,” and she’s been called its since birth.Before Beau worked wireline, he was a teacher, coach, and guidance counselor and worked summers as a wild land fire fighter. So far, none of Beau’s kids have followed in his football footsteps. Hunter swims and does cross-country and track. Sawyer plays soccer, and Skylar plays soccer and loves entertaining everyone with made up songs (she clearly got mom’s talent).