Bryn – Class of 2020 – Williston Senior Photography


I was almost to my meeting location and I got a text saying, “We are meeting at the James Memorial, right? Panic sets in I look at my watch and its almost 7:30 pm, what time did I say I was meeting? Gah! I find the text and I said 7:15 pm. I pull up behind Lana’s SUV and jump out trying to hurry, as I’m opening the door to grab my holster and cameras I hear the gut wrenching sound of one of the cameras hitting the pavement and the lens shattering. My stomach drops-luckily it was was just the lens filter and so my lens itself was protected. I regroup and grab a new lens and we start.


Bryn was a dream! She is gorgeous and laid back and is the fastest clothes changer to date and frankly made my job easy. I took her brother Jaxen’s senior pictures 2 years ago, so it was fun to hang out and catch up with her family. We started the night at the James Memorial, went and did some industrial and urban pictures, and ended our night at the Little Muddy. As you can see, Bryn nailed it!


I like to do a getting to know the senior questionnaire, so here is Bryn’s. 

Name of Senior: Bryn Bratcher

Nickname: B

What do you like to do on the weekends: School sports practice and then go home and eat with my family 

Top 3 favorite songs right now: I love music so it’s impossible to choose

Favorite drink: Iced tea

Favorite snack/candy: Popcorn

Favorite website: Amazon

Dream job: Bartender, but my parents aren’t totally into that lol so I’d say a nurse

Biggest accomplishment in school so far: NHS

Unusual talent I have: I can do a headstand for a very long time

Favorite place on Earth: San Francisco

Person I would love to meet: Justin Bieber

Favorite thing in my closet: all my shoes

Favorite brand: Vans 

3 things I can’t live without: 1. My family 2. Music 3. Tacos

Something I always have in my purse/wallet/pocket: My Phone

Favorite App on my phone: Snapchat

My goals after high school: Go to college-I don’t know where yet probably UND and get a degree and a job

My hobbies: Volleyball, tennis, and hanging out with my friends 

My friends would describe me as: Outgoing

close up of senior girl in orange tank top Senior girl walking Black and white of senior Senior girl laying in grass Fun water shot of senior girl Senior in blue jumper against brick Senior girl in front of VW van senior girl leaning against a tank Senior girl sitting in window in red jumper Black and white of senior girl sitting Close up of senior girl at sunset Senior girl and window reflection Senior girl portrait Senior girl leaning against elevator Senior girl in yellow shorts Senior girl by brick wall Senior girl sitting in window Senior girl in front of blue VW Senior girl and reflection in window Senior girl on dirt road Senior girl in white shirt senior girl in industrial area Black and white of senior in water Senior girl and head shot Senior girl and half smile Teenage girl leaning against Brick pillar Senior girl in red jumper Senior girl in tall grass Close up of senior girl in water Senior girl in blue striped jumper Black and white of senior girl splashing water

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