Dance to the Music {Williston Photographer}


Last night, I took the eleven Kay Michael Lee 2016-2017 competition girls on a photo shoot to celebrate the completion of another year of dance. I collaborated with Megan Wold, another photographer and dance mom in Williston. We had an amazing time with the girls.  The weather wasn’t cooperating and the wind was gusting and cold, but the girls were real troopers and still had fun. We took them to a beautiful badlands location that we are lucky enough to use! These dancing beauties make up the KML Competition Team. On the dance floor, they glide in synch, creating magic with their movements. But behind each of these beautiful faces is a different unique story…and I’d like to share the stories that weave together to create this team! The first dancer I would like you to meet is Isabelle Holmen, or Izzy. She has been dancing for 8 & 1/2 years now and has been a member of the competition dance team for the last five years. When she is not pirouetting, Izzy can be found riding and popping wheelies on her bike! Izzy’s favorite vacation was the Wisconsin Dells–a trip she took last summer for dance nationals with her teammates. Something you may not know about Izzy is that she likes to do her make-up–A LOT! If she could plan a perfect Saturday, Izzy would spend the day dancing in the studio and then enjoy some swimming at night.teen girl blue shirt and freckles teen girl headshot in badlands teen girl black and white of sitting Teen girl blue shirt looking back Teen girl sitting in black and white Teen girl headshot laying on blanket teen girl black leotard dancingteen blue shirt headhshot teen blue shirt serious teen blue shirt looking off teen blue shirt standing teen flower in hair 

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