Seasons of Change



This picture symbolizes the end of summer and my baby growing up.

The word that prompted me to pick up my camera: wistful (having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing)

This pictures reflects what I’m feeling. This is probably our last warm weekend, it was 80 degrees here today. Over the last few weeks every time I’d see Ryder’s bike left out by it lonesome self I felt a pang of sadness. We are soon to have a new baby and I’ve been anticipating upcoming change; knowing our baby now will turn into a toddler overnight when the new baby arrives and everything changes. I wanted to get the sun setting with it s warm colors and the bike all by itself to reflect this feeling and the anticipation of change to come. Changes of the season and changes in life itself. I had this on my bucket list of pictures I wanted to captures and it just felt right for this.

~ Even when seasons change our love stays the same ~

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